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Evolución Tecnologica
3 de abril de 2017

What is the meaning behind Machu Pichu?

Machu Picchu was for the Virgins of the Sun: 

Bingham urged that Machu Picchu may need a temple dedicated to the Virgins of the Sun. These ladies dedicated their lives to the Inca Sun god. This theory was mostly supported by dozens of skeletons Bingham's team found buried at the location. American osteologist St. George Eaton said within the early twentieth century that the remains were nearly all females. This theory was overthrown in 2000, once Verano, then at Yale, examined the remains and located that the skeletons were concerning males and females. Verano's analysis was supported skeletal variations between the genders that weren't renowned throughout Eaton's time.

Verano believes Eaton could be misled by the comparatively diminutive size of the Andean folks, who are usually shorter and fewer sturdy than the African skeletons with that Eaton would are a lot of acquainted."He in all probability saw the little bones and assumed they have to be feminine," he said. Archaeologists currently usually agree that the skeletons at Machu Picchu weren't those of Inca priestesses, however rather helpers who were brought in from everywhere the Inca Empire to serve at the location."If you thought of Machu Picchu as a royal building or a time-share domicile for the Inca emperor and his guests, then these were the employees who roast the food, grew the crops, and clean the place," Verano said. 

Machu Picchu was the last Inca city: 

Bingham theorized that web site was each the last town of the Inca, and additionally the legendary "lost city" of Vilcabamba la Vieja, that the last of the Inca rulers waged a long battle against Spanish conquistadors within the sixteenth century. He was wrong on this account, as archaeologists later discovered the particular last town was Espíritu Pampa, a jungle about 80 miles west of the Inca capital town of town.

Bingham did visit Espíritu Pampa in 1911. However, he determined the location wasn't grand enough to be the legendary town. Excavations within the Nineteen Sixties by factor savoy cabbage and latter intensive mapping by Vincent Lee, and Andean adventurer, exposed the location to be way larger than Bingham thought. " There have been four hundred to five hundred buildings at the location however Bingham had solely seen concerning twenty," Lee said, that is a lot of representative for the native name of the location being Vilcabamba Grande. 

Machu Picchu was a royal retreat: 

Most historians accept as true with Verano's interpretation of the Machu Picchu skeletons as a gaggle of people who worked on a royal retreat beneath the fifteenth-century Inca Emperor Pachacuti. in step with this theory, Machu Picchu was an area for Pachacuti and his royal court, or panaca, to relax, hunt, and entertain guests. The royal estate theory was initial projected within the 80s, and is essentially supported a sixteenth-century Spanish document that brought up a royal estate referred to as Picchu, that was inbuilt an equivalent general space as Machu Picchu. 

Machu Picchu was engineered to honor a sacred landscape: 

Another theory urged by anthropologist and social scientist Johan Reinhard, Machu Picchu occupied a special place within the "sacred landscape" of the Inca. As an example, Machu Picchu is constructed atop a mountain that's virtually utterly encircled by the Urubamba stream, that the Inca named the Vilcamayo, or Sacred stream. Reinhard additionally identified that the rising and setting of the sun once seen from sure locations inside Machu Picchu aligns showing neatness with religiously vital mountains throughout solstices and equinoxes.

There are a lot of stories about ancient city of Machu Picchu that surely will like you. If you are planning to visit Machu Pichu don't miss out the App of Machu Picchu where you will be able to walk around the citadel with spectacular 360 degrees views.
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