Evolución Tecnologica

Evolución Tecnologica
31 de marzo de 2017

The best Car Engine App

In the growing market of the app there are a lot of applications appearing everyday from games, books, tools until classes. In every category there are apps that highlight over the others. This is particularly the case of Car Engine Work, an app to learn and understand how a car engine works through direct interaction.

The app Car Engine Work is compound of a generic engine framework as a core, which is adapted to 4 different types of Tuning that includes different terminals and designs as you can see in the following pictures:

Car Engine Model 1

Car Engine Model 2

Car Engine Model 3

Car Engine Model 3

What makes smart this app is the level of interaction you can achieve by rotating every model and enabling the transparency to see how it works internally the engine for every design. Thus, you can study, understand and learn about the different types of engines of a car. 

Furthermore, you can enable the transparency by diferent pieces to see the work in a determined area as of:

  • Engine block.
  • Cylinder head.
  • Cylinder head covers.
  • Gearbox.
  • Exhaust manifold.
  • Fuel rail.

Summarizing, the app Car Engine Work is ideal for students of mechanics and related disciplines, and also for people in general who wants to learnd how a car engine works and thus, get a deeper knowldege about a car engine. 

You can download from Play Store through: Car Engine Work
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